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About Us

The History

The Name

In 2006, Jenny and Matt Reeves and several like minded families wanted to make a difference in the lives of children. An after school program began in the gym and renovated classrooms of the historic Central Baptist Church on Pinckney Street with ten children from the adjacent neighborhood. By 2016, the center averaged 140 students attending daily ranging in age from 3-15 with year round programming, academic assistance, athletics, and meals offered to them free of charge. Over the years, the building itself became an "open door" community center for local organizations that shared in the mission of positively impacting children and young adults. YouthBASE, GOAT, City Youth Sports, AAU Basketball and newly founded PMAC and GirlUp GVL are just a few of the non profits that have woven in and out of Frazee's fabric and shared space on Pinckney.

Check out the great work they do!


The ability to keep the doors open for so many was made possible by partnerships with countless civic organizations, businesses, churches, youth groups, high schools, middle schools, college students, families and dedicated volunteers from all over the country that have freely given of their time and resources. Frazee's history is the story of these individuals that are far too many to name and the generous donors that have supported this endeavor so faithfully through the years.

The Frazee (FRAY-ZEE) Center is named in memory of our friend James W. Frazee IV. 

A great man that loved all children. James is still missed today by all that were privileged to know him.

The Funding

We are funded solely by generous donors in our community and beyond. We receive no Federal or State financial support.

The Frazee Center is a 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Organization recognized by the IRS and the South Carolina Division of Public Charities.

All donations are tax deductible.  Tax ID # 46-1185268

The Move

The center has relocated to a new facility at 2115 Anderson Road Greenville SC 29611. To read more about the move, click here.

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