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Workin' Overtime Every Tuesday finals!

This semester, Vicki Chapman and a group from Earle Street Baptist Church have been hanging out with a handful of Frazee students at "Overtime." After the regular Frazee day is over, the Earle Street crew comes in to read stories, lead crafts, and play games with our kids. We asked some of our younger ones about their Overtime experiences. Aza, a kindergartner, said they get to have Halloween parties when they are good and that her favorite part of Overtime is reading and the prizes. Jakathan's memories centered around eating cookies and "little hotdogs." Kennahzé in first grade was also a fan of these "piggies in a blanket." Overtime is a great way for our kids to be in a smaller group with meaningful attention and time from people who care. We are very thankful for those who have helped make it happen!

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