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March Volunteer Spotlight

Connor Bailey is a 14 year old student St. Joseph's Catholic School here in Greenville. He started coming to Frazee after his Beta Club volunteered one day after school in 2014. Since that first visit, Connor has become a regular around the 1st and 2nd grade boys class at Frazee. The mere mention of his name will turn every boys head in the room! Connor loves to watch and play basketball and has athletic gifts which have helped give him a real edge in the younger boys' obsession with dodgeball. His favorite memory from Frazee though was going up to Happy Days Camp last summer. Connor clearly has a great heart for the kids at Frazee and has said that he is interested in trying to solve the problem of local homelessness in Greenville. He has been a great leader and exemplifies how consistency is so important in the lives of our kids at Frazee. Thank you, Connor!

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