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What is a Frazee Internship? 

An internship at Frazee is an opportunity for high school and college students to engage in the hard work of providing a safe, structured learning environment for under-resourced kids in a loving, fun, and disciplined way.  Through leadership development sessions, increasing classroom responsibility and relationships with the students and staff, interns will grow in their personal understanding of education, character, poverty and how their strengths and gifts can influence those three ideas. 


through classes                                      

Intern classes focus on leadership development, understanding poverty, identifying personal strengths, and learning how to incorporate those into current situations and future careers.  Interns are given two books to read throughout the summer and meet for weekly discussions about the books as well as varying topics pertaining to work at Frazee.  

through experience


Interns are assigned to a particular class where they will spend their entire summer working alongside that teacher.  The intern will be given increasing responsibility to learn classroom leadership in the areas of education, discipline, fitness, and character.  Interns will also be given specific tasks related to meal prep, field trips, morning assembly and afternoon clean-up.  

through relationships


Throughout the summer interns will have the chance to develop relationship both with the students they work with and the staff at Frazee.  Growing these relationships give interns the chance to learn how to connect to kids on their own level, understand where they are coming from and how to relate to them. There will be multiple opportunities for interns to get to know and work with all the staff members and understand the staff dynamics of working at a non-profit. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dates and times of the internship? 




Is this a paid internship? 

Unfortunately no, it a a part time, unpaid internship. In the past, interns have worked with their colleges to enter their work-study program with Frazee.  

How do I apply? 

Click the "Apply Now" button below and send your resume to Hannah Dixon at  (You can also send her any more questions you might have). 

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